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Index of Photographs

Photo Page 1

1 Vancouver Island's westcoast. Pacific Rim National Park (below) and Clayoquot Sound in the distance.

2 Surf breaking in Cox Bay, Vancouver Island.

3 Sitka spruce in morning mist.

4 Bald Eagle in flight. Outer coast.

5 Canoe on Megin Lake in Clayoquot Sound.

6 Bald Eagle

7 Crab fishing boat, Clayoquot Sound

8 Grey Whale Clayoquot Sound

9 Grey Whale expelling sand.

10 Orca (northern resident pod)

11 Orca leaping

12 Fur Seal

13 Sunset, Olympic National Park

14 Oregon coast

15 Oregon coast

16 Bald Eagle silhoueted against Mariner Mountain, Clayoquot Sound

17 Maples in the Tahsish river estuary.

18 Zeballos River estuary, Vancouver Island

19 Black-tailed Deer in the Zeballos river estuary.

20 Sockeye Salmon in spawning stream

21 Cougar in tree.

22 Ellerslie Lake, mainland mid-coast of BC

23 Waterfalls at Ellerslie Lake

24 Coastal fjord, Gardner Canal on north mainland coast BC

25 Kitlope River estuary, B.C.

26 Kitlope, lower river.

27 Kitlope, lower river(aerial)

28 Kitlope River (aerial)

Photo Page 2

29 Receding glacier, upper Kitlope.

30 High country, Kitlope\Nascall region (north coast)

31 Grizzly Bear in Kutzeymateen River estuary. North mainland coast of British Columbia.

32 Grizzly Bear, Kutzeymateen River estuary.

33 Kutzeymateen River ( now a Grizzly Bear Sanctuary)

34 Kutzeymateen Valley

35 Kutzeymateen River

36 Tracks of black bear and Canada Goose on the banks of Kutzeymateen River.

37 Red-breasted Sapsucker on red alder.

38 Varied Thrush

39 Steller's Jay

40 Blue Grouse male in mating display. (hooting)

41 Pygmy Owl

42 Temperate rainforest, Pacific Rim National Park

43 Sitka spruce old growth forest, Clayoquot Sound.

44 Western red cedar, west coast of Vancouver Island

45 Fungi (pholiota species?)

46 Lichen (Cladonia bellidiflora?)

47 Bigleaf Maple, Hoh Valley, Washington.

48 Vine maples, Quinalt River, Olympic National Park.

49 Coral fungi

50 Fungi "chicken of the woods", (Lactiporus sulphureus)

51 Coast redwoods and Sitka spruce.

52 Coast redwoods, California

53 Coast redwoods

54 Coast redwood and rhododendron.

55 Coast redwoods

56 Roosevelt Elk, Redwoods National Park

Photo Page 3

57 Log sorting yard for redwoods just outside Rewoods National Park

58 Northern Oregon coast, Ecola State Park

59 Oregon coast

60 Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

61 Douglas-fir and rhododendrons, Oregon coast

62 Cummins Creek Wilderness, Oregon.

63 Port Orford cedar, Siskiyou National Forest, Oregon

64 Coquille River, Siskiyou Nat. Forest

65 Prince William Sound, Alaska

66 Prince William Sound, Alaska

67 Columbia Glacier, Prince William Sound

68 Copper River, Alaska

69 Copper River delta, Alaska

70 Mudflats of the Copper River delta

71 Western Sandpipers at rest during migration between Central America and Alaska.

72 About 30 species of shorebirds migrate along the Pacific coast of North America. Pictured here are Western Sandpipers, Dunlin and Short-billed and Long-billed Dowitchers.

73 Semipalmated Plover

74 Marten River Alaska

75 Surf washes ashore on the Alaska coast

76 The Alaskan coast between Yakutat and Copper River.

77 Malaspina Glacier and the Saint Elias Mountains, Alaska

78 Icy Bay, Alaska

79 Coastal grizzly

80 Near Cape Spencer, Alaska.

81 Tongass National Forest

82 Clearcut by one of the native corporations near Hoonah, Alaska.

83 West coast of Gwaii Haanas National Park, Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) B.C.

84 Ninstints, Haida Gwaii

Photo Page 4

85 An elder of the Kwakwa’ka’wakw in ceremonial dress.

86 Mountains of the Brooks Peninsula, Vancouver Island

87 Karst formations on the Clayoquot Plateau, Vancouver Island

88 Mountain Hemlock snag on Mount Klitsa, Vancouver Island

89 Dean Channel, one of British Columbia's longest fjords

90 Bald Eagles on snag

91 Grizzly Bear habitat, Eucott Bay, Dean Channel

92 Cow Bay, Flores Island, Clayoquot Sound

93 Dawn in Clayoquot Sound

94 Compania Island, north coast of British Columbia

95 Northern Coast Mountains.

96 Coastal forest after fire.

97 Old-growth logs leaving Clayoquot Sound

98 Elk Falls pulpmill, Campbell River, Vancouver Island

99 Landslide on Kutzeymateen Inlet (caused by logging)

100 Mountains of the Escalante River area, Vancouver Island (photo Jan 28,1994)

101 Vancouver Island's west coast

102 Temperate rainforest, Pacific Rim National Park

103 Clayoquot Sound. Meares Island in background.

104 Rainforest in mist. Vancouver Island

105 Rainforest with large Sitka spruce. Meares Island.

106 Contorted Sitka spruce, Cabo Blanco, Oregon

107 Red alder with numerous species of moss.

108 Hanging Garden Tree. Western red cedar about 20 feet in circumference. Meares Island.

109 Rainforest, Megin Valley, Clayoquot Sound

110 Western yew tree

111 Douglas-fir forest in mist. Strathcona Park

112 Mushrooms, Olympic National Park, Washington

Photo Page 5

113 Ursus Valley, Clayoquot Sound

114 Black Bear, Ursus Valley

115 Douglas-fir in the Ursus Valley

116 Example of precontact logging by native Nuu-chah-nulth, Moyeha River Valley, Clayoquot Sound.

117 Maple forest, Megin River, Clayoquot Sound.

118 Coastal bog, Vargas Island, Clayoquot Sound.

119 Coastal bog, Vargas Island

120 Shore pine (Pinus contorta)

121 Wolf, Clayoquot Sound

122 Douglas Squirrel, Olympic National Park

123 Raccoon

124 Sun-dappled temperate rainforest

125 Western Screech Owl

126 Douglas-fir, Ho Valley, Olympic Nat. Park, Washington

127 Coral fungi (light red coral)

128 Shelf fungi on giant Sitka spruce

129 Maiden Hair Fern

130 Western red cedar

131 Red elderberry

132 Ground cone

133 Rainforest salmon stream, Flores Island

134 Sockeye salmon in stream

135 Northwestern Salamander eggs

136 Clouded salamander

137 Ruffed Grouse

138 Knight Inlet, mainland coast BC

139 Homathko River, mainland coast BC

140 Tributary of the Homathko dubbed Scar Creek by tree planters

Photo Page 6

141 Kynoch Inlet, BC. (Fjordland Recreation Area)

142 Kynoch Inlet, BC mainland coast

143 Pepper Lagoon, Kynoch Inlet

144 Grizzly Bear in a mainland coastal valley

145 Khutze River, north mainland coast of BC

146 Climax rainforest, Khutze River, BC

147 Khutze River estuary, north mainland coast, BC

148 Khutze River estuary

149 Unalaska paintbrush

150 Grizzly Bear

151 Khutze River. Grizzly habitat

152 Skunk cabbage, a springtime food for Grizzly Bear

153 Mature skunk cabbage

154 Grizzly habitat on south facing slope, Khutze River

155 Spawning salmon, a very important food for grizzly in late summer and fall.

156 Devil's club as ground cover Kutzeymateen River

157 Sitka spruce and lichen in Koeye river estuary

158 Waterfall at Khutze Inlet

159 The plant sea watch in flower beside Khutze waterfalls

160 Khutze Inlet north mainland coast of BC

161 Tezwa River, Kitlope drainage, BC

162 Tezwa River, Kitlope drainage

163 High country, Kitlope region

164 Mountain Goat

165 Inside Passage Princess Royal Channel

166 Lake on Princess Royal Channel

167 Mathieson Channel Mid mainland coast

168 Ellerslie Lake Mid coast

Photo Page 7

169 Moss-covered cliff face at Ellerslie Lake

170 Petroglyphs on cliff face Ellerslie Lake, BC

171 Evidence of hand logging mainland coast

172 Green Lagoon mid-B.C.coast

173 Carl Martin jr. of the Clayoquot band

174 Haisla totem pole near Bella Bella, B.C.

175 killer Whale mortuary pole, Gardner Canal BC

176 Totems at Ninstints, Haida Gwaii

177 Native burial site on north Vancouver Island

178 Wolf totem at Mamalilaculla ( on Village Island near Blackfish Sound)

179 Ceremonial bowl engraved in rock. Midcoast BC

180 A transient orca spy-hops in curiosity.

181 A northern rightwhale dolphin leaps from the water.

182 Sea Otter

183 California Sealion

184 Steller's Sealion

185 Red Tide

186 Harlequin Ducks nest along mountain streams and spend their winters in coastal waters.

187 Sea star

188 Long Beach in winter (BC)

189 Karst formations, Clayoquot Plateau

190 Red-throated Loon killed by oil spill

191 Tofino with Meares Island beyond

192 Fishing troller

193 At the docks in Bamfield, Vancouver Island

194 Herring catch, Clayoquot Sound

195 Fishermen discussing the politics of fishing

196 Clearcut, Vancouver Island

Photo Page 8

197 White River, Vancouver island. Here lies the trunk of a 930 year old Douglas-fir, one of many felled in the same grove.

198 A Hesquiaht surveys his native land. Clayoquot Sound

199 Second growth forest, Washington

200 Former rainforest valley, Oregon


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